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Welcome to visit website of Shenzhen Guangtongyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd.   2004-8-28   
21 century, The Chinese language age, recommend you " Chinese domain"   2004-10-18   
CCTV: Internet Chinese domain has been completely promoted throughout of China   2004-11-1  
Shenzhen Guangtongyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd brought about price down storm of "low price, high quality, occupy market”   2004-11-28   
IT digital section of Shenzhen Guangtongyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd introduced a batch of" Lenovo 3210 color ink-jet printers " with special price promotes sales        2005-2-18
Shenzhen Guangtongyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd moved to new place: Room 412,Chiwei Building,No.82,Shennan Zhong Road, Shenzhen(Opposite to Seg Market) 2005-3-28 
Shenzhen Guangtongyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd was qualified as general agent in Guangdong area of ITO7210 Chip(NEC7210 updated species   
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Welcome to visit website of Shenzhen Guangtongyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd◆     


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